Here are some photos of Clancy Menzel's Renault 4CV. He picked up the car from me in Portland, Oregon in 1998.

I thought I was going to restore an old car and found out very quickly that I have neither the time nor the patience for such a project. I got pretty good at dismantling stuff, but beyond that my skills came to an abrupt end. After a few years of neglecting the whole thing, I finally decided I needed my garage back. I really wanted to find a good home for the car and after a lot of web surfing managed to locate a southern California Renault group. Clancy is a member and soon contacted me.  He had the time, patience and the skill necessary to breathe new life into the car. He trailered it back to San Diego and got started. This page is really all about Clancy and the tremendous amount of hard work he put in to complete this project. What you see here is the result. It is now a great looking little car.

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ALSO NEW! A couple of stories about 4CV exploits from Clancy himself.

"The Rise and Demise of My First 4CV."  Click here!

"1960 Renault 4CV Restoration."  
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Notes from France - Things keep getting weirder.  Click here!

This is Clancy picking up in Portland the car in '98  (I'm the hippie)
Here's the finished product (in Spring Valley, CA)
Front view (He even found original badges)
Interior shot
The motor (The motor that was in it was from a Dauphine. It now has the correct engine)
This guy has two pristine 4CVs. Unbelievable! He's not even French.
The Winner!
Cajon Classic Cruise, October 3rd, 2001. Class winner!
Another Cajon Classic Cruise win!
The yellow one belongs to Clancy's buddy, Jacques Lynn.
Clancy's very first 4CV. This is a 1950 model. The photo was shot in 1953 with a brownie camera.
Here is another shot taken at the same time. Clancy is the one with the light colored pants.



These last two photos are of a 1956 4CV. They were sent to me by Michel DeLalande who owns the car and lives somewhere in France. There is no real connection Clancy's 4CV here except to say that Michel found this web page through an on-line French car magazine which apparently featured this web page and the short story of Clancy's car. It's pretty amazing how these Renault guys connect with each other. Note the wider star wheels on Michel's car. Very nice.

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